UConn Student Opportunities

UConn Students: How to Participate in the

CIBER Case Challenge


The application for a spot in the Challenge is open to all UConn students. Teams are made up of four different functional areas.  There are four positions available in: 1) Accounting/Finance, 2) Management/International Business, 3) Marketing, and 4) OPIM/IT.

Apply for the CIBER Case Challenge here. Application deadline is Monday September 25th.


The Student Management Team is a great way to develop your leadership and event planning skills. Management positions include:

Activity Day Manager,
Team Host Manager,
Competition Day Manager,
PR/Communications Manager


We need your help to run the Challenge! There are multiple volunteer opportunities for UConn students throughout the event. Business majors can receive LAUNCH credits. Volunteer positions include:

Team Host, Challenge Headquarters Supervisor, Competition Day Videographer, Competition Day Time Keeper, Competition Day Guard, Competition Day set-up.

To sign-up, please click follow the link below:


For more details, contact: ciber.business@uconn.edu