Global Business Ambassadors

Our Global Business Ambassadors are experienced in our many programs, enthusiastic about learning and participating in international business, and excited to share how the programs have and are benefitting them.

They are available to connect with current students and if you’d like to apply to be mentored by one, please contact

They are impressive individuals with a wide array of experiences and interests. If you are interested in learning more about the global marketplace – you’ve come to the right place.

Abbey Engler

Major(s): Business Management (concentration in international business), Philosophy

Minor(s): French Studies

Class Standing: Sophomore

Interests: International Law

More about me: I am passionate about traveling and culture, and one day hope to be an international lawyer. My favorite country that I have travelled to so far was France because of the croissants.

Alena Hauer

Major(s): Finance, German

Minor(s): Accounting

Class Standing: Senior

Interests: International and Corporate Law

More about me: I am in the Eurobiz Program and the Honors Program. I hope to study abroad and do an internship in Germany next fall to get experience working in a global setting. I've worked at an international manufacturer and, this past summer, at Webster Bank as a bank teller. I'm involved in other organizations on campus including the Honors in Business Association, Gymnastics Club, and International Business Association.

Aditya Malhotra

Major(s): Economics

Class Standing: Junior

More about me: Aditya was born and raised near Mannheim, Germany. After 11 years of living there, he moved to Switzerland. He is fluent in 4 languages: German, Swiss-German, English and Hindi. Currently, he is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, Tau Sigma as well as a member of the International Business Association. He is partaking in a Business/Marketing Internship at a company called HMG Strategy. His hobbies include playing/watching soccer and traveling. He is passionate about Global Business Sustainability, International Business and would like to pursue his MBA at UCONN.

Jennifer Masterson

Major(s): Financial Management

Class Standing: Senior

More about me: Jennifer Masterson is a senior financial management major with interests in portfolio management as well as the nonprofit and NGO sector. This year she participated in two virtual internships in Madrid through study abroad which helped her to improve her Spanish skills and intercultural fluency. The experiences allowed her to explore her passions for culture and foreign languages. She has also decided that she wants to do her master’s degree abroad. Jennifer also recently started learning French in her free time to broaden her horizons and be able to watch French shows and movies without subtitles or dubbing. After graduation she hopes to use her financial knowledge to better the world around her.

Duygu Ozcan

Major(s): Business Management

Minor(s): Economics, Global Studies

Class Standing: Senior

Interests: Sustainability in Business

More about me: After graduation I hope to pursue a career in the global manufacturing industry. I am currently applying for internships to gain a better sense of my interest areas in the sector. I am involved with the International Business Association and UNICEF Initiative on campus. I love to travel, read, and raise plants.

Floyd Beaufort

Major(s): International Relations

Class Standing: Junior  

More about me: Floyd is a junior international relations student, with an interest in international affairs and global markets. He enjoys being outdoors and traveling. He likes learning new languages. In the future, he hopes to work with philanthropic organizations and bring awareness to pressing global issues.

Quentin Walliser

Major(s): Eurobiz

Class Standing: Junior

More about me: Quentin is a Junior double majoring in Eurobiz (Finance and German). He is passionate about the environment and international business relations because he is a German citizen and wishes to work in the global business field. He also has a love for nature and the outdoors. His pronouns are he/him/his.

Jackie Seras

Major(s): Finance

Minor(s): History

Class Standing: Senior

Interests: International Trade Compliance Law

More about me: On campus I am heavily involved in Learning Communities and Community Outreach, holding leadership positions in both. I also work for Professor Lucy Gilson and the management department as a social media coordinator for an international academic journal. My dream job is in international trade compliance at an international law firm or defense company.

Marco Nardone Guerra

Major(s): Management Information Systems

Minor(s): Computer Science

Class Standing: Senior

Interests: International Culture

More about me: Some organizations I am a part of are the International Business Association, Camp Kesem UConn, the Puerto Rican Student Association, and the UConn Data Analytics Club. I am very passionate about my Puerto Rican culture and the economic development of my island. In the future I am planning on pursuing a master’s degree in Business Analytics and Project Management, and would afterwards like to pursue a career in Product Management and entrepreneurship.

Prabhas KC

Major(s): Economics, Consumer Behavior

Class Standing: Senior

Interests: Global Business Events/News

More about me: On campus, I am involved in the International Business Association, the UConn Consulting Group and Humans of UConn. I also serve on the Mansfield Downtown Partnership's Board of Directors and was an MYS COPE Mentor at the local elementary schools. I hope to better serve the Global Business community and continue to be an advocate for students interested in International Business/Economics.

Siyi Su

Major(s): Marketing

Class Standing: Junior

More about me: Siyi Su is a Junior in Marketing Major. She was born and raised in China. She has acquired basic knowledge of her major both in theory and in practice, and she is proud of listening and brainstorming with a team that could explore how to build a global business community. She enjoys sharing time with her friends to shop and watch movies. Glad to communicate with people from different countries and cultures.

Joseph Bethancourt

Major(s): Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies

Class Standing: Junior

More about me: Joseph is very interested in how new real estate development projects can help to build a more sustainable world. He plans on attending Grad School for Architecture to be able to combine that and Real Estate into one career. On campus, he is also involved with the Real Estate Society and Learning Community Council

Yibing (Yvonne) Zhou

Major(s): Finance

Minor(s): Analytics

Class Standing: Senior

Interests: Real Estate Investment, Global Business News

More about me: On campus, I am involved in the Beta Alpha Psi, Women's Finance Association, and the Undergraduate Student Government. The thing I enjoy the most at home is doing baking with friends. My passion for the GBA program is to share my experience about navigating resources on campus and gain new perspectives from someone else's eyes.

Aicha Ly

Major(s): Business Administration

Minor(s): Management

Class Standing: Senior

More about me: I am a member of Tau Sigma and Beta Gamma Sigma honor societies. I work full time and I do volunteer work in my spare time to help the elderly by offering them companionship or helping them with different tasks they may have. I have previously worked for the MBA program as an Administrative Assistant II and have also been a Student Ambassador for the UConn foundation to meet with the Deloitte Executives team and tell them more about UConn as a whole, my personal experience as a student, and also address concerns that our students have. I have earned a few certificates through the Global Business Programs and highly encourage students to take them too as they can learn a lot about the Business industry. I cannot wait to get to know all of you!

Kasey Schempf

Major(s): History, Applied & Resource Economics

Class Standing: Senior

Interests: International Law, Trade Compliance Law, International Business Events/News

More about me: I also work part-time as Biographical Data Research Assistant for the UConn Foundation. Following graduation, I plan to attend law school for my Juris Doctorate and a Master of Laws in Taxation. My interests include taxation, compliance law, and international law. I am also a member of the Women's Finance Association, Sigma Alpha, and the CLAS Women's Leadership Collective.

Syed Kaleem

Major(s): Data Analytics

Minor(s): Digital Marketing, Analytics

Class Standing: Senior

More about me: I am hoping to pursue a master’s degree in Business Analytics and Project Management with a specialization in Data Science. The thing I most enjoy about being a business student is the opportunities for learning provided by the UCONN Business School because I am able to continuously grow. A fun fact about me is that I can speak 4 languages.