UConn International Business Case Challenge Guidelines

The challenge’s case may address multiple geographical regions and multiple functional areas. The actual content of the case will be kept secret until the competition begins.

Each team must be comprised of four currently enrolled business students working on their first university degree (undergraduates). No alternates are permitted.

Each of the four members of the team must be degree-seeking undergraduate students registered within the business school at the university they are from, and each student will need to represent a different specific functional area in one of the following four categories: Finance (including Accounting), Marketing, Management, and Operations (including IT). Students are only permitted to participate as a team member in the UConn International Case Challenge one time.

Students from different universities will be mixed and formed into an entirely new team for the competition. Each four-student team will have at least one student from an international business school and three students from different U.S. schools. Students will be connected prior to the competition through web groups arranged by the UConn International Case Challenge Management Team.

Students on the same competing team will be assigned to the same hotel room throughout the competition. Consequently, we ask that sending universities create a team comprised of even numbers of males and females.