GE Global Learning Center

Established with an endowment from GE, the GE Global Learning Center develops business education programs that produce graduates who understand and excel in today's global business environment. As more business is transacted across borders, managers must broaden their view of markets and competition. Doing business in a global economy requires new learning: how to find the right country/region in which to build a plant, how to coordinate production schedules across borders, and how to absorb research wherever it occurs. The global manager must know who to hire, how to foster global thinking among the ranks, and when to standardize products instead of customizing them for local markets.

The U.S. economy is in the midst of a fundamental and irreversible transformation toward globalization. As a customer-focused business school, UConn must be a leader in providing our students with a global perspective through multifaceted approaches. The GE Global Learning Center leads this endeavor. The Center's mission is to build and enhance the role of UConn and its School of Business as a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary resource for promoting global business education and practice. The Center serves as a focal point for student/faculty exchange, curriculum development, research projects, corporate linkages, business outreach programs, and learning resources development.


At the University of Connecticut, our School of Business approaches the challenge of offering one of the best international programs in the nation with the same energy, intensity and innovation that have helped us emerge as a top business school in the U.S. We have the talent to fulfill that commitment. We have a vibrant cadre of international MBA students and our faculty has a truly global view of business, one that informs their work as educators and researchers. We have also strong internal partnerships with Global Affairs and with other UConn academic programs such as Languages, Political Science, and Area Studies centers. These internal strengths help us successfully fulfill the mission of the GE Global Learning Center.