Case Competition Opportunities

GBSN SocLog Competition

COMPETITION OPPORTUNITY STILL OPEN! As new members of the Global Business School Network, UConn School of Business students can enter and compete in this global opportunity.  Student (both graduate and undergraduate) are challenged to identify and solve a Social Logistics issue.  Social Logistics is both a new frontier and a unique opportunity for business students to truly interact with other disciplines and utilize one another’s expertise to create business solutions with a focus on social responsibility and awareness. Inclusive in this experience will be student-only networking sessions and open office hours for the GBSN team and experts to assist students in solution development.

Step 1: Connect with Arminda Kamphausen at

Step 2: Identify a local problem. Utilize your logistical knowledge and training to improve a societal access problem.  Be sure to identify the community of this problem, the multiple stakeholders involved, and most importantly, how this solution supports one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Step 3: Pull together your team. Teams can be multi-disciplinary, 2-5 students and from grad or undergrad levels. 

Step 4: Develop a unique and implementable solution that can be used in a locally-relevant context. Demonstrate that solution in a creative format. Please submit by October 20th.

Application Deadline: Monday, October 3rd

Fill out Interest form below.

Questrom Sustainability

APPLICATION NOW CLOSED. UConn is one of 15 Institutions invited to participate in the Boston University Questrom $50K Sustainability Case Competition. This opportunity asks interdisciplinary/cross-program student teams to grapple with and develop solutions for real-life sustainability challenges. The overarching theme of the case competition is on Sustainability, with the following objectives:

  • Seek to solve a current real-world problem
  • Develop solutions that will be commercially and practically viable to build and implement, and ultimately generate a profit and/or support further sustainability initiatives

Step 1: Connect with Arminda Kamphausen at

Step 2: Submit the team application (button below) with Team member information.

Step 3: Attend the info session on September 15th, or view recording after.

Step 4: Each team will be required to submit a 2-page solution on a provided issue / theme.

A panel of judges will anonymously select the top submission from each school.


Application Deadline: September 17th

U21 Global Citizenship

APPLICATION NOW CLOSED! The U21 Global Citizenship program is an experiential online program that develops the skills and competencies students need to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG). The course will focus on the UN SDGs and equipping students to act in these areas to become Global citizens.

Students will be:

  • Equipped to take rapid action on the Sustainable Development Goal that they choose
  • Ready to challenge preconceptions and better inform other people's perspectives
  • Better connected to U21 students around the world

Application Deadline: September 15th