Case Challenge Participants and Winners

2017 Case Challenge


First Place: 3Squared

  • Shruti Kansara, Bryant University
  • Julia Elliot, San Diego State University
  • Joshua Dahlberg, Belmont University
  • Kahan Soni, University of Connecticut

Second Place: Deal Team 6

  • Robert Jordan, Bowie State University
  • Shadman Khan, Purdue University
  • Colleen Kane, Florida State University
  • Ludovica Grilli, University of Trento

Third Place: The Argonauts 

  • Kate Haagensen, University of Vermont
  • Ankit Sheth, University of Maryland
  • Lorenzo D’Auria, University of Trento
  • Jordan Patterson, Bryant University

Best Q+A: Jordan Patterson

Best Presenter: Kate Haagensen


Schools that sent participants in 2017:

2016 Case Challenge


First Place

  • Mayar Dessokey, The American University in Cairo
  • Andrew Hughes, Belmont University
  • Robert Menzel, Florida State University
  • Xin Wei, Purdue University

Second Place

  • Igli Bajo, Trento University
  • Kelsey Rodgers, Florida State University
  • Jessica Ting, University of Maryland
  • Emily Weissman, Belmont University

Third Place

  • William Criminsi, Trento University
  • Joshua Groh, Purdue University
  • Hlobile Jele, University of Johannensburg
  • Sopanha Mao, San Diego State University

Best Presenter: Joshua Hancock

Best Q&A: Jessica Ting


2015 Case Challenge


Winner: Pick-6 Consulting

  • Austin Coon, Purdue University
  • Alandar Detwiler, University of Vermont
  • Justice Dlamini, University of Johannesburg
  • Parker Higgins, Belmont University

 Second Place: Quadruple Threat

  • Stacia Smart, University of Connecticut
  • Gianmarco Vanin, University of Trento
  • Christopher Wagner, Florida State University
  • Lauren Willey, San Diego State University

Third Place: KGME

  • Gail Capati, San Diego State University
  • Khotlello Mooka, University of Johannesburg
  • Michael McGovern, University of Maryland
  • Evan Silverberg, University of Vermont

Best Q+A: Christopher Wagner

Best Presenter: Parker Higgins


Schools that sent participants in 2015:

2014 Case Challenge


Winner: 4Sight Consulting

  • Rebecca Frutos, University of Connecticut
  • So Ikeya, Rikkyo University
  • Steven Bell, Belmont University
  • Haoshi Cheng, University of North Carolina

 Second Place: Abroad & Beyond

  • Naoto Ito, Rikkyo University
  • Vivian Yun-Ju Wang, University of North Carolina
  • Cecilia Medieros, San Diego State University
  • Mitchell Dupre, Bryant University

Third Place: 50 Shades for Ray (Charles)

  • Kassandra McGlone, Bryant University
  • Sean McHugh, Belmont University
  • Riley Owens, Purdue University
  • Francesco Capozza, University of Trento

Best Q+A: Rebecca Frutos

Best Presenter: Kassandra McGlone


Schools that sent participants in 2014:

2013 Case Challenge


Winner: LWDT Consulting

  • Ihinosen Dibua, University of Pittsburgh
  • Ellie Lin, Purdue University
  • GianMarco Taverna, University of North Carolina
  • Margaret Wong, Bryant University

 Second Place: Warwick B.A.N.D

  • Sergio Alessandro Castagnetti, University of Trento
  • Nicole Green, University of Connecticut
  • Ben Hsieh, University of Maryland
  • Dallin Shaner, Brigham Young University

Third Place: SWOT Team

  • Esther Buck, Belmont University
  • Josh Emmett, University of Connecticut
  • Leah Gonzalez, University of North Carolina
  • Daisuke Honjo, Rikkyo University


Schools that sent participants in 2013:

2012 Case Challenge


Winner: X-Continent

  • Elizabeth Buoyer, University of North Carolina
  • Xi (Christina) Jin, Purdue University
  • Alberto Parella, University of Trento
  • Samuel Supnick, University of Maryland

Second Place: Daedalus

  • Fabian Castro Acuna, University of Maryland
  • Aaron Midden, University of Miami
  • Noha Noweir, The American University of Cairo
  • Jessica Shaw, Purdue University

Third Place: Mo-Mo Consulting

  • Eugen Ghiletchi, Belmont University
  • Elena Gomez, San Diego State University
  • Linfeng (Hope) He, University of Vermont
  • Youssef Zniber, Georgia State University

Fourth Place: Alpha Consultants

  • Jacob Barker, Georgia State University
  • Shiori Itoh, Rikkyo University
  • Mayren Martinez Hoffman, San Diego State University
  • Bryan Takayama, The Ohio State University


Schools that sent participants in 2012:

2011 Case Challenge


Winner: Luminary Consultants

  • Ahmed Khairat, American University of Cairo
  • Emily Palmeri, Northeastern University
  • Vanessa Kropf, University of Southern California
  • Jermey Dollar, Georgia State University

Second Place: Vantage Consulting

  • Arthur Chen, Singapore Management University
  • Jenny Tu, University of Southern California
  • Chris Campbell, University of South Carolina
  • Jonathan Silberman, Georgia State University

Third Place: TRK Consulting

  • Ahmad El Fefaei, American University in Cairo
  • Stephanie Bedard, University of South Carolina
  • Susheel Motwani, Purdue University
  • Ayesha Ghaffar, Belmont University


Schools that sent participants in 2011: