Academic Programs

The UConn Global Business Programs provide curriculum enhancement for Ph.D., MBA, and undergraduate students; as well as resources for faculty and advanced degree students; and grants for curricular research and development.

Global Business Programs and the GE Global Learning Center support the School of Businesses goal of fully integrating a global focus in curriculum at all levels (Undergraduate, MBA, and Ph.D.). To this end, we offer programs that are truly international in scope, revising existing programs and creating new ones to meet the needs of the school.

Other academic programs conducted by the Global Business Programs office include:

  • Professional development programs for Undergraduate and Masters level students in Export Compliance and Logistics
  • Workshops for Ph.D. students for internationalizing their teaching and research
  • Undergraduate and MBA international business courses, which are taught at overseas locations
  • Seminars on special topics for undergraduate and MBA students, such as international business negotiations and cross-cultural communications , global leadership and global entrepreneurship
  • Providing faculty in business, languages, law, medicine, engineering and social sciences with significant global interest, an opportunity to periodically meet and discuss specific global issues. This program is implemented under the auspices of the Academy of Global Economic Advancement established by the School of Business for interdisciplinary dialog
  • Grants for development of instructional materials in international business including case studies, simulation exercises, videos and other interactive methods

Business/Academic Outreach

Outreach programs of the UConn CIBER for business, non-UConn faculty nationally, and professional associations include:

  • Day-long workshop on Export Documentation for SMEs
  • Seminars and resource guides for high school faculty for adding international business topics in their curricula
  • Workshops and seminars for community college business faculty nationally on specific aspects of teaching global business courses. This program is implemented in partnership with Manchester Community College and Michigan State University
  • Faculty development programs at overseas locations – Ireland, Australia
  • Faculty development program funding for UConn faculty

Academic Research

The UConn CIBER program in academic research include:

  • Repository of information/library collection for general reference in international business
  • Grants to School of Business faculty for research on international business topics related to doing business with Manufacturing
  • Grants to non-UConn faculty for research on international business topics
  • Monograph/working paper series showcasing our research in the international business field
  • International travel grants to faculty for research and establishment of contacts with international firms and institutions
  • UConn CIBER newsletter outlining CIBER activities and research efforts
  • Grants to Ph.D. students for dissertations on global topics