GE Global Fellowship

The GE Global Learning Center will provide fellowships to three UConn School of Business MBA students to conduct in-depth research on a project with a global component and write a paper. Each student selected to receive the fellowship is required register for a three-credit independent study course in any School of Business department during the Spring 2017 semester. Under the supervision of a faculty member, the fellowship recipient will undertake an international project. The scope of the project is determined between the student and the faculty member and should focus on an international business topic. On April 7, 2017, the recipients of the fellowships make a presentation on their projects to the GE Global Learning Center administrators, directors of the MBA programs, the faculty supervisors of all the fellowship recipients, and all the other fellows. Students complete the project and submit the reports to their faculty advisors who assign them the grades. Students must also submit one copy of their final paper to the GE Global Learning Center, which will be added to our online collection of GE Global Fellows papers. Each fellowship carries a stipend of $1,500, which will be paid into the student’s university account after successful completion of the project.

Interested students should send a letter of application indicating interest in the fellowship and their current resume to Michele Metcalf, Director, Global Business Programs, at or by mail to Michele Metcalf, GE Global Learning Center, 2100 Hillside Road, Unit 1041C, Storrs, CT 06269-1041. The letter should include the topic that would be pursued if granted this fellowship, the reason the topic was selected, how the applicant is qualified to perform this research, and how the applicant fits the selection criteria. If a faculty supervisor has already been identified, please include the name and department of this person in the letter as well. Students must be officially enrolled in a UConn School of Business Masters level program and must have completed at least 12 credit hours of course work by January 2017. The student should be interested in international business and must demonstrate this interest through: international business related courses that have been completed, study abroad, work experience in an international setting or other relevant work experience.

Past Recipients:

  • 2016: Imtiaz Ahmed, Effects of Social Media Advertisment on Audience Engagement
  • 2016: Quian Callendar, Analysis of the National Health Quality and Disparities Report
  • 2016: Jason Harris, Global Economics of Energy
  • 2016: Sisi Huang, IOT-Based Environmental Protection Air-Conditioner in China Market
  • 2015: Yogendra Bhosrekar, How Business Analytics is Changing Customer Experience
  • 2015: Sasank Daggubati, India Clone Startups vs. Global Business Counterparts and Foreign Direct Investments in India
  • 2015: Xiaoju Fu, The Energy Saving Awareness of Refrigerators in China
  • 2015: Tijana Grujic, Theory of Auctions and Auction Design Challenges in Emerging Markets
  • 2015: Randeep Gupta, Social Entrepreneurship: An Emergent Value Proposition
  • 2014: Jessica Hoffman, Microfinance Initiatives in Emerging Economies
  • 2014: Michael Maczka, Increasing UConn’s MBA Enrollment by Tapping into the Hidden Talent of Developing Nations
  • 2013: Chris Bonn, Effects of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) on Globalization and Global Supply Chains
  • 2013: George Gelinas, An Analysis of the Counterbalancing Effects of Foreign Direct Investment Upon Outsourcing and Offshoring in the State of Connecticut
  • 2013: Sarah Manley, The Global Impact of Nonconventional Natural Gas
  • 2013: Kamran Momenzadeh, The Effects of the Arab Spring on the Political Risk Among the Middle Eastern Countries
  • 2012: Vipul Chawla, Opinion Mining and Analysis
  • 2012: Eric DiFiore, The E.U.: Economic Uniformity or Eradicating Union?
  • 2012: Nick Li, Reverse Innovation in India and China
  • 2012: Meng Liu, Comparison of Government Regulation Policy on Manufacturing and Marketing of Innovative Medical Devices Between China and USA
  • 2012: Laura Walsh, Addressing Cultural Complexities in Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions
  • 2011: Jaehan Kim, Reducing Global Carbon Footprint by Introducing Hybrid Power Yachts
  • 2011: Zhibin Li, Chinese Exchange Rate
  • 2011: Michael Sharp, Chinese Policy on Foreign Direct Investment: Short and Long Term Effects
  • 2011: Raksmey Sieu, International Impact of Manufacturing Bamboo