Professional Development Programs

To further enhance professional skill building, UConn CIBER provides opportunities for students to expand their business knowledge through a variety of certificate programs.

Professional Certificate Opportunities for Undergraduate students:

  1. Global Business Leadership Seminar Series (GBLSS)
  2. Global Entrepreneurship Speaker Series (GESS)
  3. Export Compliance Certificate
  4. Export Logistics Certificate

The Global Business Leadership Seminar Series (GBLSS) highlights global business executives who will share their vast hands-on experience in both a networking setting and in lecture form during the spring semester.

The **NEW** Global Entrepreneurship Speaker Series (GESS) invites professional entrepreneurs from all over the world to share their innovative ideas and knowledge with students.

The Exporting Compliance Certificate program and the *NEW* Export Logistics Certificate program offered in partnership with the CT District Export Council, allows students access to another business skill for those interested in exporting, working in SMEs, and Entrepreneurs working on business plans. Get a glimpse of what is involved in the world of exporting.

These programs are also being offered to MBA and Family Business students.  Find more information here.